Magic Spheres Caviar Repair



Magic Spheres Caviar Repair (rose colour)
Magic Spheres Caviar Repair intensively moisturises and deeply regenerates skin and protects against free radicals. This product is perfectly suited for use after extensive sun exposure.
Contains precious Caviar Extract, rich in amino acids, vitamins and lipids. 
30ml glass pump dispensing bottle.
Directions for use
Magic Spheres are designed for use preferrably in the morning as intensive treatment after skin cleansing and before applying the skin care cream. When pressing the pump dispenser the pearls and the serum blend into a lightweight skin care emulsion that can be applied easily and sparingly.
About Magic Spheres
From German skin care specialist inspira: cosmetics, Magic Spheres pearls are embedded in a highly active serum made of polysaccharides which is also loaded with active ingredients to protect the skin from harmful external influences like UV- radiation and air pollution.
It contains remarkable line filling/smoothing properties which noticeably firms the skin, redefines contours and plumps up lines and wrinkles to greatly improve skin texture. Like magic the skin immediately looks more fresh, more radiant, smoother and more youthful!