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We're dedicated to making any trip to the clinic a pleasant one

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic

Founded three decades ago by Dr. R Danapal, our clinic has continued to provide the highest quality of healthcare advice and solutions tailored to meet the needs and wellbeing of each individual.

We are committed in delivering the best available service in private medicine, ensuring any worries or concerns are dealt with at the earliest opportunity. With a fast referral network and turnaround of results, all of our services are run by fully qualified medical experts.


Vision, Mission & Value

Our Vision is to make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care, with a Mission to become the global leader in value-based integrated healthcare.

We work to provide compassionate and highest quality healthcare. We aim to achieve your healthcare goal by reinventing the future of the healthcare sector at your finger tips.


Treat those we serve and each other with compassion, dignity, integrity and respect.


Strive for the finest clinical, service and operational outcomes.


Exceed expectations of those we serve and those we set for ourselves.

We are currently designing a robust technology platform, backed by supporting software, to provide you with a complete healthcare assistant. We are working together with our partners to develop a smart phone application as part of our transformation strategy to change the way healthcare is provided in the UK. We believe in continuously improving the standard of healthcare and services for you as well as provide holistic patient care services.

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