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Press Release- Curated Executive Wellness Programme


Harley Street Healthcare Group PLC launches a Curated Executive   Wellness product designed specially by clinicians for high performing individuals

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" Investing in yourself starts with investing in your health. You will always be the best thing that has happened to you. So take care of your body and your general well-being, because it is the only place you have to live in. "

London-07 June, 2021

There is no denying the fact that the wellness of executives matters, and it has a direct correlation with corporate profitability. In the wake of the pandemic, the statement that " health is wealth " couldn’t be more true. It has never been more critical for businesses to address the health and mental well- being of their people head-on.

Harley Street Healthcare Group PLC  is a committed and willing partner in the healthcare journey of our clients. Our clinicians understand the need for a curated and personalised healthcare concierge service that high performing executives require to help protect against the wear & tear of an individual’s body because of a busy lifestyle. 

The team at Harley Street Healthcare strongly feels that healthcare and mindfulness should be fully integrated into leadership, to encourage exponential progress both at work and in personal life. Enterprise-ready, Harley Street Healthcare Clinic offers a proven executive wellness program, specially designed for executives to lead a healthier life and thereby improve their organisation from the inside out. So, here, we bring to individuals, a curated bespoke programme in the heart of London's famous Harley Street, designed for both high-performing men and women executives.

The group is encouraging executives to make good use of its free assessment offering to enable the clinicians to design a curated and personalised wellness program specifically conceived for individuals. 

As a healthcare provider, Harley Street Healthcare Group PLC are here to invest ourselves fully in people’s healthcare journey.

Executives can contact the team to start the membership to London's most exclusive health service. 


Miss Danielle Schwede- Program Manager


Barath Rajgopaul - Wellness Executive Coach


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