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Season's Greetings: A Letter From Our Founder

Dear Friends & Family,

Seasons greetings! 

Hope this finds you all safe and well. Allow me to also take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful 2021. We know for some of us, the year 2020 has been quite tragic, and for others, it's been a year for self reflection. 

I believe we can all agree that 2020 will be in our minds for a foreseeable future. But my experience tells me that we will find a way to move forward and that’s the prudent course of action. In my personal capacity and also as a founder of the business “ Harley Street Healthcare Clinic “, we have decided to move forward in the future. 

So I thought I will write to you and share with you all our plans and the future that we are now busy creating under “ Harley Street Healthcare Clinics of London “ brand identity. With the support of our partners, we are becoming the go-to-healthcare partner for our customers. We and our partners believe that investing in yourself is one of the best investments one can make, and that investment in yourself starts with investing in your own health. 

Harley Street Healthcare Clinics of London as an ecosystem is aiming to reinvent healthcare. Because we understand that one-size fit all healthcare isn’t fit for purpose anymore. The covid-19 pandemic has brought the importance of health and healthcare to the front and centre. I hope now we truly understand the real value of the statement “ health is wealth “. This statement is no longer a cliche, but the actual reality of life. 

Therefore, I am pleased to inform you my dear friends that Harley street healthcare as a business  is now on a transformational journey. The entire ecosystem within Harley Street Healthcare Clinics of London  includes Medtech & HealthTECH products and infrastructure - where technology is becoming the great enabler. Alongside that we are developing state-of-the-art “ integrated medicines & healthcare centre of excellence “ across growing markets of Asia as well as the Balkans and parts of Africa. Also as a business along with other partners, we have started skilling & continuous learning programs & courses  under “ Harley street Institute “  - aimed at helping professionals and students in the healthcare sector to continuously upgrade their skills set. The institute is packed with healthcare professionals with global repute. 

Our planned “ continuity of care “ services & solutions, enabled and powered by technology is a Tech- Healthcare infrastructure on clouds that allows our customers to be in control, and carry their healthcare data with them anywhere in the world. With the help of our partners, we are also building state-of-the-art AI powered platforms to support preventative measures of our personalised care plans that we are launching for our customers. The technology will allow us and our customers to interpret vital signs captured by smartwatches and wearables  in real time, and using existing medical references as data points, create scientific estimates of what could be potentially wrong with the body. This intelligence will be a game changer in preventing serious illness and also possibly reduce untimely deaths. 

Under the continuity of care program, we are also planning to help our customers manage their existing conditions better with the help of technology. So you can probably tell by now that, we do have a grand ambition for the future. And to help us execute our plans better, we are now roping in people with excellent track in their fields. These people aren’t just extraordinary professionals but most importantly a group of great people. 

By interacting with many of you over the years, I have come to realize that the success of any business rests on people, strategy and execution. These are three important pillars in making or breaking a business. I also understand that capital is the fuel that powers a business. And so after great deliberation with our partners, we have decided to take our business public. We had a good year, and we are already seeing value creation as we have started executing parts of our plans. Our product sales through eCommerce has significantly improved, the subscription model is also gaining traction, we have started forming strategic JVs with our partners in the Balkans as well as Asia starting with India in tier II & III cities. These JV partnership models with existing healthcare businesses in growing markets allows us to maximise the branding of Harley street, London. We have also created a healthcare concierge tapping into the health tourism side of the business especially in the Balkans through our Centre of Excellence. And all this gives us great confidence and belief that, as we continue to execute our plans better, we will see strong measurable value creation for the business going forward. 

So with that in mind, I have decided to let the younger generation take the driving seat while I will continue to remain the “ founder & mentor-in-chief “. And at some point in the future,  I will be pleased to introduce you all to the team leading the efforts. 

Also the team has decided to take our future endeavours public by listing the business on London’s Aquis stock exchange ( AQSE ) by the first week of March 2021. And after our initial discussion with the stock exchange as well as the corporate sponsors, we are now very confident about the timeline of the planned IPO. So therefore, I am taking the liberty of writing to you to invite you to be a part of our journey. 

Our corporate sponsors and partners feel extremely confident that we should be able to IPO at a valuation in the upwards of GBP 20+ million. So we have decided to offer our friends and family as well as our esteemed customers a chance to become a shareholder in the business at a valuation that will enable them to benefit from our future success. And I am quite pleased to let you know that we are bringing in Paula Radcliffe & family ( the athlete ), Neetu Chandra ( a known actress), HJS ( a global NGO ), McMillan Woods ( Corporate advisory & accounting firm ) among others as shareholders. So you will be joining them also as our backers. We are also strongly supported by our shareholders and partners including DTM EdTech Ventures ( part of DTM Global Holdings ). 

The IPO at AQSE markets allows us to grow and expand, and by inviting our friends and family to join us as potential shareholders, we also intend to help the friends and family exit their investments in the business through a liquid structure unlike  a private company. And the team along with our corporate sponsors are already working with the market participants to help build the right momentum around our IPO, in order to support the valuation as well as creating the right liquidity pool, so as to enable our friends and family to exit their investment in the company over 9-12 months period at an attractive valuation, which allows them to profit from their investments in the business. This is part of our commitment to deliver value and returns. 

Also to increase the chances of our partners exit their investments  at a very attractive valuation, we have decided to accept a valuation of GBP 15 million at which we plan to raise capital from friends and family. So as per our plans, we intend to raise around GBP 3 million at the discounted valuation, and by March 2021 do the IPO at GBP 20+ million, and since we do not plan to raise additional capital during the IPO, we are extremely confident that we will be able to deliver immediate value creation during the IPO. 

Our team is determined to work tirelessly to continuously enhance the valuation of the business by efficiently executing the plans. And we remain confident that over a 9-12 months period, we will be able to help our initial investors exit their investments in the business at a very healthy profit. This is why we and the corporate sponsors are suggesting the investment to come with a lock-in period of 9-months. 

In case of interest, you will find more information in the documents that are uploaded as separate files, and available for reading through google drive  ( please click on the link provided to access the documents  ) 


We are also going to be conducting zoom call events in the first and second week of January 2021 to talk to you, if you had interest, and the team will send you the link to the event soon. 

So thank you for your time, and once again, I wish you all a wonderful 2021 and seasons greetings. Please stay safe and well.

Sincerely yours 

dr danapa

Dr Danapal Ramasamy 

Founder & mentor-in-chief 

Harley Street Healthcare Clinics of London