Do I need a COVID-19 testing kit?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus, if you have been in contact with someone who has been infected or if you have recently been in a country with a high incidence of COVID-19, you can take a test to determine if you have been infected.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus?

The main symptoms are:

How do PCR Swab home testing kits work?

What is in PCR test kit?

The PCR home test kit contains a nasal and throat swab which collects a sample of cells which is sent back to a PHE accredited lab for testing. The lab performs a very sensitive test that looks for the RNA of the virus using a technique called RT-PCR. RT-PCR tests work by detecting specific genetic material known as viral RNA within the virus. By detecting viral RNA, which will be present in the body before symptoms of the disease are present, the tests can tell whether or not someone has the virus very early on. Inside your home testing package, you will find:

How do I do the PCR swab test?

We will provide you with a full set of instructions detailing how to collect your sample.

You can also watch the demo at this link Covid Test Kit

How Antibody Testing will be done?

The COVID-19 Antibody test requires a venous blood sample. This will be done by our clinician and sent back to our accredited UK laboratory for testing.

How long will it take to get the results?

The results will take 2-3 days for PCR test and 24 to 48 hours for antibody test once the lab has received it. You will be alerted as soon as the results have been received.

How do I get the results and how will I be notified?

You will receive an email or/and SMS notification when the lab has produced the result.

Are these tests legal?

Yes, these tests are completely legal and are conducted in PHE accredited testing facilities.

Will these Coronavirus tests tell me whether I've previously been infected or if I am immune?

PCR swab test- No.

Molecular testing (PCR Swab) will identify people with the virus.These tests will not tell if you have previously been infected or whether you are currently immune, they will only tell you if you are currently infected. Once you have recovered the virus is eliminated and these tests can no longer tell if you’ve been infected.

Antibody test- Yes.

Antibody testing can tell whether a person has been previously infected. Most patients who recover from coronavirus have been found to produce antibodies, but it is not yet known if an individual with a positive result showing presence of IgG levels following being infected with SARS-CoV-2 will be protected, either fully or partially from future infection, or for how long protective immunity may last.

Are the Coronavirus tests accurate?

All tests are analysed in a PHE accredited lab using PCR which is approved by Public Health England.

What should I do if tested positive?

If your test comes back as positive, you must immediately self-isolate to prevent spreading the virus to others. Our consultants will advise you what to do next.

Our Lab Partner, TDL is listed on the Capacity Data Site for NHSE – this means our lab’s activity is included in the country’s data and all POSITIVES are reported by TDL to PHE every morning on a daily basis. It is a statutory requirement that laboratories notify - doctors are not expected to notify this information separately.

What do I do if I want to speak to someone about the COVID-19 test?

Please email us at or call on 020 7935 6554. One of our patient services team will be happy to talk through any concerns you have.

Important Information

Please note, these tests are approved by Public Health England and are fully compliant with government guidelines.

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic is offering the COVID-19 PCR swab testing kit at £199 and Antibody testing kit at £99 per person.

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