We are living in unprecedented times and the team at Harley Street Healthcare Clinic, HSHC believes, it is during the times of immense need that society and businesses along with the government should work closely together to help create a favourable outcome. Efficient and right collaboration can always make a huge difference in the outcome. This is why Harley Street Healthcare Clinics of London is launching a subscription based healthcare support pack for COVID-19. The subscription based model is designed to serve a large section of the society depending on their specific needs and priorities. HSHC is aiming to be a committed partner supporting the healthcare journey of our customers.

The robust package is divided into 3 different types of membership, which are Rhodium Club, Osmium-187 Club and Californium CA 252 Club. One of its prominent features is testing kit. The testing kit is an antibody test. It can detect if a person has the virus or had coronavirus before and has since recovered. The test, carried out by a device that pricks your finger for blood, works this out by testing your blood for coronavirus antibodies to see if they have already beaten the virus and gained some immunity to it. It can do this in about 15 minutes (keep watching our virtual space including YouTube Channel for more details and discussion on this). The test will be supported with consultancy by our experienced doctors and consultants over phone or video call, besides a newfangled- the first real nomadic medical assistant which allows our health care practitioners to track your vital signs

Our tech partner is GEO SENTINEL. We offers state-of-the-art tech solution to help monitor patients under home care. GEO SENTINEL is an actor of connected devices in health and well-being. We have developed watches for the dependent and frail, which allows monitoring via personalised alerts. This knowledge led us to connect medical devices to our software environment, in order to also monitor patients, in hospital, or at home. Our know-how in the management and centralisation of health data, allows us today to have an immediate solution to patient monitoring at home on the management of COVID-19. This solution is operational with: a Patient Management platform, a Patient Application to record physiological measurements (temperature, breathing difficulties, oxygen level etc.) and Alert Management in relation to caregiver contacts. It a nutshell, the HSHC’s Healthcare Support Pack for Covid-19 will be the guardian of your health and well-being by alerting you, if necessary, to anticipate the needs of your body and meet its vital expectations. Quality and assurance are at the heart of every aspect of his healthcare support pack.

Rhodium Club

9 -months Basic support package with £ 12.50 membership fee and then £1.50 a day

The package includes of:

OSMIUM-187 Club

9 -months Basic support package with £ 25 membership fee and then £3 a day

The package includes of:

Californium CA 252 Club

9 -months Basic support package with £ 35 membership fee and then £ 4.50 a day

The package includes of:

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Covid-19: HSHC Response