Covid-19 Abbott IgG Antibody Test

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Goverment Compliant –Test for Covid-19

The Covid-19 Antibody test requires a blood sample to be collected. This will be done by our clinician and sent back to our accredited UK Laboratory for testing.

This test can only be conducted at our clinic. Please call us on 02079356554 or email to book your appointment for the testing.

Once your sample has been taken, we will send it to our laboratory,The

Doctors' Lab, TDL.

* Harley Street Healthcare Clinic only offers this test to those who are 16 years old and above. It is not available for under 16.


COVID Antibody Test


Type of Test                 

           Abbott Based Antibody test

Accuracy of Test   

          97.5% sensitivity for presence of antibodies and                 100% specificity

Turnaround Time of Test          

            24 – 48 hours

The test is from the PHE approved Lab (TDL).

This test are compliant with Public Health England (PHE) standards.

The test is only available to UK residents at this time.

Our Lab Partner, TDL is listed on the Capacity Data Site for NHSE – this means our lab’s activity is included in the country’s data and all POSITIVES are reported by TDL to PHE every morning on a daily basis. It is a statutory requirement that laboratories notify - doctors are not expected to notify this information separately.

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic will email you the results within 24 to 48 hours.

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